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Welcome to Dallas Guitar Services

Dallas Guitar Services was conceived in the early 80's, and has blossomed into the thriving business it is today. Serving the needs of beginners to the world of music to the needs of professional musicians, in every capacity of their needs no matter how large or small.

Clients range from newcomers, studio musicians, local bands, to the touring professionals who rely on our services for professional treatment and fast turn around, so they can continue on their journey of supplying music to the fans who love and depend on their continued output of music.

This same treatment is displayed to every person who uses our services, from beginner to the experienced professional. All of our clients are treated with respect, dignity and honesty. We will not try to up sell anything, nor are there any hidden charges or surprises.

From simple setups, major repairs, custom builds, or vintage recreations of yesterday, Dallas Guitar Services is your one stop shop for all your needs.

Thank you to all my clients - play on!
Jim Birch


Acoustic 6 string


Electric bass


Electric Fender Stratocaster


Gibson Explorer