Dallas Guitar Services
Professional Repair, Maintenance & Customization

Services and Rates

Basic Services*

Fixed Bridge Setup $45
Acoustic Setup $45
Bass Setup $45
(Add $10 for 5 and 6 string basses)
Floyd Rose/Kahler Setup $60
*Strings are not included in set up prices due to customer preference in brand/gauges available.
Setups only include intonation, truss rod neck adjustment, string action, and nut slot work only.


Fretboard Cleaning / Treatment $20
Fret Replacement / Partial $10.00 per fret
Complete Fret Replacement (for 21 fret guitars) $150-$300
Fret level / Recrown/Dress Frets $150
Recrown / Dress Frets $75
Truss Rod Replacement $200-$275
Re-drill holes for tuning machines $50-$125


Pickup Installation (Hum) $25- $40
Pickup Installation (Single) $25
Jack Replacement (Open frame) $25
Jack Replacement (Barrel Type) $40
Phase Switch Installation $35
Pot Replacement / Passive $25
Pot Replacement / Active $25
Complete Rewire / Strat $85
Complete Rewire / Les Paul $100
Complete Rewire / Bass / Passive $85
Complete Rewire / Bass / Active $120
Installation of Pickups in Acoustic Guitars (labor only) $100-$225 depending on choice of electronics

Custom Inlay Work

Quote based on case by case basis

Custom Builds

All custom builds are on a per quote basis and will require a 50% nonrefundable deposit prior to starting of work.
Please call or email for more details.


Route for New Pickup $60
Floyd Rose Route $100
Kahler Route $75-$110
Recessed Bridge Route $110
Neck Replacement Minimum $225
Broken Headstock $100-$175
Finish Work for Broken Headstock $50-$150
Repair Chips / Dents Ask for Quote

Finishing Work**

Single color, body only, including stripping, minor repair, sealing $???
Front of Headstock painted to match body (graphics extra) $???
Back of neck to match body $???
2 Color Sunburst $???
3 Color Sunburst $???
Relic / Vintage Finish$???
**All custom finishing work requires a 50% nonrefundable deposit.
Prices listed for finishing work are an estimate and may vary depending on condition of instrument.

Payments can be made either by Paypal OR Cash.
Credit Cards and Checks not accepted