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"I am one of those people who is extremely picky about who I allow to work on my equipment. Having a bass that needed refinishing and had to be set up badly, I spent a lot of time looking for a suitable shop to work on my bass. Jim completely refinished my bass, and also made many repairs for a fraction of what it would have cost me to replace the instrument altogether. Without a doubt, Jim is MY choice of luthier when I need work done. Jim, thanks a MILLION!"
Doug W-Creeper

I have known Jim for several years now and love his professional work as a luthier. I tested him with what I thought to be an expensive wall hanger, a 1953 Gibson ES125. It was mine that I gave to my son on his 21st birthday in 1998. That night my son left it out of its case and it got destroyed by the rowdy party goers. The neck was fallen on and snapped and the headstock was in three pieces. My son's stepfather, who knows absolutely nothing about guitars and even less about guitar repairs, attempted to put it back together with JB Weld(a two step glue that you can repair cracks in an automobile engine!). The kind thought I felt was the end of the guitar as a playable instrument. I let the guitar stay at his mom's house for ten years. On the upcoming 10th anniversary of the mishap, I asked Jim what he thought about the prospect of bringing the old Gibson back to life. I retrieved it from his mom and left it with Jim to work his magic. After a month Jim called me to come look at it. I could not believe my eyes or ears when I saw it and played it. Unreal, it looked and played better than I could ever remember and I had owned since 1988. I again surprised my son with this guitar for his 31st birthday. He cried tears of joy. I highly recommend Jim to service your kid's starter or your most prized possession in your guitar collection. I am not a novice in the business. I played professionally for years. I am a BMI published writer with works that have aired around the world. I was involved with Frets & Strings and owned Sound Investments in Dallas. We carried all the major brands, had large teaching departments and luthiers at both locations.
Ronald S. Knight

I have been playing music for over 30 years and am very discriminating and picky when it comes to my instruments. I was in a rush to get some work done on a particular guitar and could not wait the normal 3 weeks or more at my "other" shop. For those of us who make our living with our instruments, 3 weeks is totally unacceptable. I decided to give Jim a chance and I am so glad I did. Jim took the time and really went the extra mile to not only fix the jack problem I was having but also re-set up the instrument to my very exacting personal specs in ONE DAY turnaround. Here is the deal folks, Jim listens to you and your needs. It is called "customer service", something that seems to be increasingly absent with other shops tech's/luthiers. I have since taken several other of my "babies" to Jim and have found him to be honest, straight-up, and very reasonable on his pricing and turnaround time. But the most important factor for me will always be quality work, done right! Bottom line is, I have found "MY" tech/luthier! Give him a try, you will be glad you did!
Chris Fyke
Royal Decree
Aliveinthelight Music (ASCAP)

I have been playing guitar solid for a while and decided after getting a little experience under my belt that i wanted to change out the pickups on my Fender Strat ( I wanted to Put on two Seymour Duncan Cool Rails & Hotrails . When i came to Jim , i had already been to several other local shops and had been disappointed as they tried to "Guide" me on my selection of pickups other than what i had already chosen. Not only did Jim acknowledge my desire for tone from my humbucker selection, He installed all three and set up my pots to be adjustable so i could go from single coil to humbucker on. He also re rigged my wiring so i had more tonal control than before! His price was honest and cheap. No switch - a roo- or up selling . I was really satisfied with the end results , and I'll definitely be going to Jim for any further guitar mods i have. Also check out his line of custom guitars, I don't know much about guitars but after getting the chance to hold and play one of his creations and you know your playing a finely crafted instrument. This man truly understands the dying art of Guitar craftsmanship!
Perry Saints