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Jim Birch Owner / Luthier

Born in 1948 in Dallas, Texas, Jim's love of music began at the age of 14, when he acquired his first guitar with a broken headstock. It was then, with the help of his father, that he did his first repair, thus beginning his passion for repairing instruments.

As time went on, more and more of Jim's friends began to come to him for repair work, since the cost of repair shops was extremely prohibitive. Many luthiers at the time would just tell them " buy a new guitar, it can't be repaired ". Needless to say, Jim stepped up to the challenge and won.

As time went on, Jim became a master carpenter, learning various shaping and finishing techniques, and learned to apply these methods to musical instruments, far surpassing the quality of many well known manufacturers.

In 1995 Jim launched his own line of custom acoustic guitars, and also began specializing in re-creating aged finishes for a fraction of what national chains charge.

Today, Jim continues to work as an independent luthier catering to a wide variety of musicians still continues doing repairs to the elusive "un-repairable" instruments. A lot of his work can be seen across stages nationwide, as well as at the local taverns across the DFW metroplex.